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Comedy, crime, midlife crises, and a heroin epidemic create a masterfully woven tale of the diverging paths of two brothers.

Despite the fact that they are twins, Luke and Jacob lead very different lives. In this thought-provoking new novel, author Josh Booth shows you the two separate paths their lives have taken and the joys and regrets both brothers carry in their hearts.

All his life, Jacob has believed in the importance of power and wealth. It has served him well. His ambition drove him through law school and got him a prestigious position at a large law firm and eventually prompted him to start his own firm. Everything he has ever wanted is at his fingertips, but he’s too overwhelmed by stress and anxiety to truly enjoy it.

Unlike his brother, Luke decides to forego the practice of law and pursue his dream of becoming a writer. Although much of his work is in comedy magazines and satires, he finally stumbles upon an issue worth taking seriously. The twins’ small town in West Virginia is being overrun by heroin. Luke believes that this is the story he was meant to write.

As one brother chases success and the other chases a story, both will come face to face with the consequences of their choices and discover deep truths about themselves and their futures.