Many young professionals find themselves pursuing dreams that often place the most important things in life--time for family and friends and faith-- on the "back burner". Depression, discouragement and burnout are becoming more common. Unfortunately "self medication" has been on the rise whether prescription drugs or so called "recreational" drugs. Cross Over the Tracks peels back the "success" veneer and reveals the stark truths that many young couples are facing. Josh Booth skillfully took me back "memory lane" with recounting popular songs,sports teams, names of celebrities and sharing "how it used to be". The book will challenge readers to get their priorities straight in life.                        Excellent read!       P. Williams M.D.


Thought provoking. Well written. Great read for those who may be wondering if the “ladder of success” they are climbing is leaning against the wrong building.     P. James


This book is food for the soul. It is obvious the author has known, lived, and breathed the scenes portrayed in this novel. He writes insightfully about Appalachian small town nuances like local biscuit and hot dog joints, ubiquitous snuff cans, the heroin epidemic, and buddies who breed field trial beagles as a hobby- to the realities of the dark under-belly of the law profession- to losing friends to drug over-dose, tragedy, and suicide- to the wanton freedom associated with beach towns. This story draws all these characters and places into a seamless tale of what we’re all really searching for in this life, connection and purpose.    J. Ellison